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Revival Transitional Living

About Us

What is Revival Transitional Living?

Revival Transitional Living is a sober living residence in the South Philadelphia region committed to providing a springboard of immediate accountability and structure to people in early recovery.  Our recovery houses are here for those who have recently completed addiction treatment and are looking for an environment where they can learn new skills, coping methods and other tactics to avoid relapse in everyday situations.

Our emphasis is based on the 12-step programs.  It includes elements of spirituality, regenerating, nutrition and communication, providing a supportive environment for transitional living.​  Our goal is to help residents with the development of life-long tools to achieve long-term recovery. 

Our Mission

As people who have been affected by addiction, we’re committed to improving the lives of others who are ready to return to independence, helping them gain structure, discipline, confidence and the tools needed to live a life absent of alcohol and drug dependency.  We welcome people from all walks of life into our family and support network and are working 24/7 to ensure Revival gives everyone the greatest support possible.

House Amenities

  • Live-in Resident Manager On-Site
  • Pleasant Family & Home-Like Atmosphere
  • Support Network
  • Cable TV & Wireless Internet
  • Computer & Printer
  • Washer & Dryer in House
  • All Residences Fully Furnished
  • Volunteer Activities
  • On- & Off-site Group Activities
  • Nutrition Planning & Cooking Classes Upon Request

Women’s Housing

Revival Transitional Living features separate accommodations for women and men. Early recovery is a time when we may feel vulnerable. It is crucial that we have a secure place to begin to blossom.

Our women’s housing offers all the traditional comforts of home. Fully furnished homes with well equipped kitchens, cable television, Wi-Fi, computer, printer, washer and dryer.

Living with other women in recovery is a prime opportunity to support one another and build new, healthy friendships. Fellowship is a key ingredient of successful recovery. Our 12-step oriented approach helps women work together on the skills needed for a life of successful recovery.

Our goal is for every woman who moves on from Revival Transitional Living to re-enter regular outside life with optimism,confidence and joy. The firm foundation of spiritual and ethical principlesthey build while here will help define theirrecovery moving forward.

Men’s Housing

Men at Revival Transitional Living benefit from structure and support. Following treatment,it is vital that men not only learn the principles of recovery but have a safe place to put them into practice

Our men’s housing features the key comforts of home. Fully furnished residences with well equipped kitchens, cable television, Wi-Fi, computer, printer, washer and dryer.

Fellowship is an important building blockof a successful recovery. Men at Revival Transitional Living learn the value that brotherhood in recovery provides.We emphasize the 12-step approach and encourage men to develop their character and spiritual fitness.

We want every man who leaves Revival Transitional Living to feel empowered and responsible for their own recovery. Strengthened by the fundamental wisdom the 12-step process provides as they take the reins of their new lives in recovery.

Start Your Path to Sober Living

All of us here at Revival Transitional Living have been personally affected by addiction and substance abuse.  We would like you to take comfort in knowing there is no shame in reaching out for help.  If you believe our recovery homes will be beneficial for you or a loved one, call or contact us for admissions or with any questions you may have.  Our guests are not a number in a system.  They are a part of our family and recovery support circle.

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